Foods allowed while on the hcg diet plan

When you begin the hcg diet, you will be told that you will be eating two meals per day. The meals that you eat during the hcg diet plan is the lunch and dinner meals. The meals will have to include a protein, a vegetable and a bread item and fruit.

You will need to eat a protein item which can be veal, chicken breast, beef or fish. The other proteins that you can have include lobster, shrimp and crab. There will be no allowed fat items so make sure that the meat that you eat does not have any fat in it. Try to aim for a lean piece of meat. That means there will no hamburgers for you anytime soon.

The food choices for protein that will not be allowed to have during the hcg diet is salmon, tuna and herring as well as fish items that have been pickled. There will also be no eel so do not plan on a sushi run anytime in the near future as well as you start the hcg diet.

When it comes to the choices for vegetables, the options are not easily limited. You will be able to have spinach, beet greens, a green salad as well as onions, tomatoes, celery and cucumbers. If you like cabbage and asparagus, these are also good options.

While on the hcg diet, you will be limited to one bread item. The bread item can either be a slice of melba toast or can be one breadstick.

The fruit choice is limited however to orange, apple or a small handful of strawberries but if you want a grapefruit, you should know that you will only be able to eat half so you could have half in the morning and the other half with dinner.

If you are worried about the amount of energy that you will be experiencing from the lack of soda or processed sugars, you should know that you will be able to have as much unflavored water as you want as well as coffee and tea. You will be allowed to have a whopping 1 tablespoon of fat free milk per day.

You will be able to have a sugar substitute in order to flavor your water but make sure that the calories are low as this counts against your 500 calories per day. You should also know that there are no oils or butters allowed while on this diet. For most people who start this diet, they do not last long as they cannot go without the sugar and butter options while on the diet. There are many other foods that keep them from finishing the diet as well.